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10 year old wines

The "Game Changing" ten year old Barbeito wines using only the classic noble varieties of grapes such as Sercial, Verdelho, Malvazia and Boal.

Vinhos Barbeito has been getting a lot of praiseworthy and critical success in the press recently. The way the Barbeito family have taken gutsy decisions from the early nineties to concentrate on quality and dismissing any gimmicky additions to their wines (such as adding caramel to the wine to make it look darker, for example) have garnered them now big payback. From wine divas such as Jancis Robinson to the mainstream wine press and retailers (Rare Wine Company, Decanter Magazine, and so on) have come to the island recently and tasted the new wines and heralded what they almost would call a renaissance of the Madeira wine image and industry.


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