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H. M. Borges

H. M. Borges, Sucrs, Lda. - or "HM Borges" for short, is one of the major Madeira wine producers on the island. Founded in 1877 by Henrique Menezes Borges the company continues into its fourth generation of heirs. Interesting to note is that the company is run almost exclusively by two of the female heirs. Does the fact that the wine is produced by mostly women change the style of the wine a bit? Try it out and see.... The company is based close to the centre of Funchal in what was an old flour mill they acquired in 1922. They produce all their wine on these premises which just happens to be right across the Madeira Wine Institute building.

HM Borges is now mostly know for its range of 3, 5, 10 and 15 year old wines. Limited amounts of special "harvest" wines and one or two even more special "frasqueira" or vintage wines may be produced in any given year depending on the quality and quantity of grapes from a particular harvest. Most of the very old wines, those dating more than 40 years old and so on, which in the past made the HM Borges brand quite famous, have already nearly all been sold and may be acquired only through private collectors and auctions.

HM Borges also labels its wines with the following brand names in line with the markets it supplies to:  "Adega Exportadora de Vinhos de Madeira" (Japanese Market), "JH Gonçalves" and "Araújo Henriques & Companhia" (Mostly the local and Portuguese market). "HM Borges" is a brand marketed mostly in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Italy. It is also getting some pick up in the Russian market.