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10 Year Old Malmsey/Malvasia (750ml) - Vinhos Barbeito

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Although the sweetest of the ten year old Madeiras made by Barbeito it is less rich than the ten year old malvazias/malmseys produced at the other Madeira wine producers it has been described as a succulent juicy malvazia with plenty of cut.

Tasting Notes: Briliant light golden amber colour. It has a suave, clean, crisp smell of creamy toffee and nuts to the nose but smooth and luscious on the palate. Chocolaty flavours with citrus and passion fruit intertwined with peach or nectarine nuances. Long finish and clean. Another unusual and remarkably good  to excellent wine.

Madeira Wine Bottle Fact Sheet
Bottle size 750 ml
Produced by Vinhos Barbeito
Bottled by Vinhos Barbeito
Grape variety name(s) Malvasia
Alternative name(s) for grape variety above Malvazia and Malmsey
Wine Sweetness Rich
Age of wine shown on label 10 years
Years held in stock/collection Less than a year
Total age (wine label + time in stock/collection) 10 years
Still produced? Yes
Collectible? No
Alcohol degree 19,0 at 20º Celsius
Total sugar 110,1 g/dm³
pH 3,41
Baumé 4,2º