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10 Year Old Verdelho (750ml) - Vinhos Barbeito

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Product Details

The 10 year old Verdelho is the winning Verdelho wine for both the Madeira wine category and Madeira Verdelho category in the 2009 international wine challenge. it was awarded as the "Champion" of the fortified wines category.

Tasting Notes: Bright amberish colour. Clean, very elegant and suave bouquet with hints of fudge, citrons and smoked oak. Astonishingly smooth palate of caramel, toffee and some flavours of walnut. The wine has a finer more refreshing acidity than some other verdelhos of the same age. The finish is long and refreshing.

Madeira Wine Bottle Fact Sheet
Bottle size 750 ml
Produced by Vinhos Barbeito
Bottled by Vinhos Barbeito
Grape variety name(s) Verdelho
Alternative name(s) for grape variety above -
Wine Sweetness Medium Dry
Age of wine shown on label 10 years
Years held in stock/collection Less than a year
Total age (wine label + time in stock/collection) 10 years
Still produced? Yes
Collectible? No
Alcohol degree 19,0 at 20º Celsius
Total sugar 75,6 g/dm³
pH 3,46
Baumé 2,1º