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15 Year Old Sercial (750ml) - Henriques & Henriques

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A brilliant dark coloured wine. Complex floral aroma. Dry but with some mellowness. The palate is developed with nuances of walnuts and orange rind. The wine has a well balanced acidity and a very long finish. This wine should be enjoyed as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to starters. Can be served slightly chilled or at room temperature.

Tasting Notes:

A dry wine, clean and brilliant. Dark gold colour. Complex floral aromas permeate the olfactory nerves. Mellow and evolved in flavour with a good finish.

Found in the press (online and taditional media):

"I like the Sercial's from H & H. They differ in style comparing with other producers mostly because of the company's style resulting in more powerful wines. Both the 10 years old and 15 years old Sercial are fine wines that deserves attention. Sercial tend to show more of almonds than nutmeg, hazelnuts or walnuts but H & H style is more oaky and showing nutmeg together with vanilla, green apples, orange peel and smoke. The two wines are showing quite similar bouquet and taste although it has to be added; the 15 years old has a bigger register and more complexity to it."

- in http://madaboutmadeira.blogspot.com , by

Madeira Wine Bottle Fact Sheet
Bottle size 750 ml
Produced by Henriques & Henriques
Bottled by Henriques & Henriques
Grape variety name(s) Sercial
Alternative name(s) for grape variety above -
Wine Sweetness Dry
Age of wine shown on label 15 years
Years held in stock/collection Less than a year
Total age (wine label + time in stock/collection) 15 years
Still produced? Yes
Collectible? No
Alcohol degree 20,0 at 20º Celsius
Total sugar 48,4 g/l
pH 3,44
Baumé 0,6