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Landscapes of Madeira, by John & Pat Underwood

Landscapes of Madeira, by John & Pat Underwood

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Landscapes of Madeira

By John & Pat Underwood

While dedicated hikers will revel in the island's mountainous terrain, walking the 'levada' paths is one of the most popular activities with visitors. Levadas are watercourses that carry rainfall from the mountains to irrigate the cultivated terraces. These watercourses and their adjoining maintenance paths extend for an incredible 2150km (1350 miles) or more, but even more fascinating is their great variety. The older levadas, built centuries ago, are narrow and plummet steeply downhill from mountainside springs really challenging walking. Their banks are covered with wild flowers, and the water rushes and fith energy. The newer levadas are wide 'mini-canals' and run horizontally along the island's contours ideal for easy walks. Their flow is stately and serene, and their banks are lovingly planted with agapanthus lilies and hydrangeas. Walking on Madeira is superb all year round. This guide helps make the visitor to the island get the best possible holiday.

In the press:

'A remarkable paperback which may have done more than any other to change the way its readers spend their holidays this book single-handedly turned levada-walking into something approaching a craze.' - The Sunday Times.

Book Technical Details
Binding Trade paperback
Pages 144
Publisher Sunflower Books
Publication year 2003
Edition number 7th Edition
English Yes
German/Deutsch No
Portuguese/Português No
French/Française No
Swedish/Svenska No
Finnish/Suomalainen No
Dutch/Nederlandse No
Other languages No