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Levadas and Footpaths of Madeira, by Raimundo Quintal

Levadas and Footpaths of Madeira, by Raimundo Quintal

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English - 3rd edition Deutsch - 2. auflage Française - 2éme édition Português - 4ª ed. Nederlandse - 2e druk

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Product Details

Levadas and Footpaths of Madeira

By Raimundo Quintal

The latest guide by the renowned geographer, writer, television producer and staunch environmentalist, Raimundo Quintal - perhaps the leading authority on Madeira's Levadas and "veredas" or footpaths of Madeira. Raimundo Quintal has spent a lifetime studying and enjoying the Levadas, flora and fauna of Madeira. His contribution to the enrichment of the appreciation of the island and its precious resources are celebrated and is immediately evident in this quality and well illustrated guide.

A very highly recommended book for Levada walkers by Madeira Shopping!

Cuurent titles and edition numbers of this book available in other languages:

  • English: Levadas and Footpaths of Madeira *(3rd Edition, 2002)
  • German/Deutsch: Levadas und Wege auf Madeira *(2. Auflage, 1999)
  • French/Français: Levadas et Sentiers de Madère *(2éme édition, 1999)
  • Portuguese/Português: Levadas e Veredas da Madeira *(4ª Edição, 2004)
  • Dutch/Nederlandse: Levadas en Wandelpaden op Madeira (2e druk, 2001)
Book Technical Details
Binding Trade paperback
Pages 290
Publisher Francisco Ribeiro
Publication year 1999
Edition number 3rd edition
English Yes
German/Deutsch Yes
Portuguese/Português Yes
French/Française Yes
Swedish/Svenska No
Finnish/Suomalainen No
Dutch/Nederlandse Yes
Other languages