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Madeira - Marine Life

Madeira - Marine Life

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Madeira - Marine Life

by Peter Wirtz


A visual compilation and introduction to the marine species off the coast of Madeira and Porto Santo. Used as a photographic souvenir and identification guide of the marine fauna in and around the islands that form the Madeiran Archipelago.

Each Edition comes in a multi-lingual format with a maximum of four languages per edition. There is a short introduction or foreword and then a picture of each life form compiled with name, scientific name and their translations into the four languages of each edition.

Useful as a souvenir or gift for deep sea or diving "memories" of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Foreword Excerpt from book:

About 550 species of marine fish and about 360 species of marine plants have been recorded for the waters around Madeira. Until now, nobody managed to count the marine invertebrates, such as the crabs and the shrimps, the sea anemones, the starfish, and so on). Every year, scientists discover yet more species, until now unrecorded for Madeira. The majority of these are species already known from areas more to the south, such as the Canary Islands, or from areas more to the north, such as the Mediterranean Sea. But some of these species are totally “new” and perhaps do not exist anywhere else than in the waters around Madeira, Porto Santo, and the Desertas.

The marine fauna and flora of Madeira is a mixture of species with biogeographic affinities more to the north (up to Norway), many species that also live in the Mediterranean Sea, and a surprisingly large number of truly tropical species. For many tropical species the waters of Madeira appear to be the northern limit of distribution. Some examples figured in this book are the Garden eel Heteroconger longissimus, the Reef lobster Enoplometopus antillensis, and the brown alga Stypopodium zonale. With a little exaggeration one might say that, below the surface of the sea, Madeira is the northern limit of the tropics.

The undersea world is not inaccessible. It is enough to know how to swim. For a first look you do not need expensive equipment: mask, fins and snorkel are enough. Floating at the surface, you can already appreciate a large part of these enchanged gardens. If you snorkel or dive here, you will certainly be surprised by the exuberance and splendour of the marine life of Madeira.


Important note on language versions of this book:

This book is published as a mulitlingual publication with four langauges per edition. The alternative language titles are as follows:


  • English:  "Madeira - Marine Life"
  • Portuguese/Português:  "Madeira - A Vida Marinha"
  • German/Deutsch:  "Madeira - Das Leben im Meer"
  • French/Française: "Madeira - La Vie en Mer"


Book Dimensions:  15cm x 21cm


Book Technical Details
Binding Softcover
Pages 192
Publisher Francisco Ribeiro & Filhos, Lda.
Publication year 2001
Edition number 1st Edition
English Yes
German/Deutsch Yes
Portuguese/Português Yes
French/Française Yes
Swedish/Svenska No
Finnish/Suomalainen No
Dutch/Nederlandse No
Other languages No