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Madeira, by Alex Liddell

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By Alex Liddell


The "Mastermind" book on Madeira wine. Now out of print and fast becoming a rare book. On sale we have several still brand new unused trade paperback editions.

On the backcover:

Madeira is one of the world's great wines with a history that few others can equal. With the current worldwide resurgence in its popularity, the time is ripe for this definitive guides. Alex Liddell narrates the history of this fascinating wine, from the early settlers and the first wine to present day trade and export. The author takes us on a tour of the vineyards round the island and describes the unique process of making and maturing the wine. Also included are the author's tasting notes on over seventy individual vintage madeiras of which more than half are still currently available. The book concludes with names and addresses of shippers in Madeira, and specialist dealers in Britain, Central Europe and U.S.A.

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