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Madeira + Porto Santo

Madeira + Porto Santo

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UK + PT + DE + FR

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Product Details

Madeira + Porto Santo

Editorial Escudo de Oro, S.A.


Visual compilation and introduction to Madeira and Porto Santo. Used as a photographic souvenir of the islands that form the Madeiran Archipelago.

Each Edition comes in a multi-lingual format with a maximum of four languages per edition. The text serves as an introduction to the islands and commentary on the photographic material.
Provides a quick synopsis of the key attractions, features, sight-seeing points of interest.

Useful as a souvenir or gift for "memories" of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Dimensions:  20cm x 24cm

Important note on language versions of this book:

This book is published with up to four langauges per edition. When choosing the book edition you require please look for these options above:


  1. UK + PT + DE + FR  (FR-B004-A) *see book language options above
    • UK = English
    • PT = Portuguese/Português
    • DE = German/Deutsch
    • FR = French/Française
  2. DK + IS + NL + RU (FR-B004-B) *see book language options above
    • DK = Danish/Danske
    • IS = Icelandic/Íslenska
    • NL = Dutch/Nederlandse
    • RU = Russian/Россию
  3. ES + IT + SE + FI (FR-B004-C) *see book language options above
    • ES = Spanish/Español
    • IT = Italian/Italiano
    • SE = Swedish/Svenska
    • FI = Finnish/Suomalainen


Book Technical Details
Binding Trade paperback
Pages 112
Publisher Francisco Ribeiro & Filhos, Lda.
Publication year 2003
Edition number 5th edition
English Yes
German/Deutsch Yes
Portuguese/Português Yes
French/Française Yes
Swedish/Svenska Yes
Finnish/Suomalainen Yes
Dutch/Nederlandse Yes
Other languages Yes